How to write or amend a will

How to write or amend a Will

Writing a Will seems daunting but it is actually easier than you may think.

Making a Will is vital to ensuring your estate goes to the people and causes that are close to your heart.

We always recommend you visit a solicitor or a member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers to assist you, but these steps will hopefully make it easier for you and prepare you for a meeting with your professional advisor.

Things to consider - 6 simple steps

  1. Make a list of your assets and estimate the value of your estate.
  2. Make a list of what you owe, considering debts such as any outstanding mortgage, loans or bills.
  3. Decide who you would like to benefit and how.
  4. Choose your Executor, they will ensure that the terms of your Will are carried out and meet your solicitor.
  5. Create a letter of wishes to help those who may make your funeral arrangements when the time comes and also to set out the reasoning.
  6. Keep it safe and up to date. Most people prefer to keep a copy with their solicitor and to keep their own copy in a safe place the Executor of the Will knows about. It is recommended that you review your Will every 5 years or after any major life events, such as getting married or divorced, becoming a parent or grandparent or moving house.