Travelling independently

School children at a bus stop

Having the confidence and skills to travel independently can make such a positive difference to young people’s lives.

DABD’s Travel Training programme helps young people with special educational needs (SEN) or additional needs develop these skills so that they can make their school or college journey on their own. This could be by walking or using the bus, train or tube.

If your child is referred to our Travel Training programme, we’ll meet with you as a family to discuss a personalised travel plan for your child which takes their needs into account.

Your child will have their own Travel Trainer allocated who will accompany them on their journey to school or college over an eight to twelve week period until we are happy that they can do this journey on their own. 

An excellent service. I feel this service is a vital part of gaining independence for vulnerable young adults like my daughter.

Ruji, Mother of Travel Training student

Our Travel Training programme is designed to create long-term positive effects which can support young people through their transition into adulthood. This includes improved:

  • social interaction skills
  • life skills
  • self-esteem
  • management of fears and anxieties
  • responsibility
  • road safety awareness
  • time management
  • coping strategies
  • communication skills

Travel Training made my son’s independence possible.

Annette, Mother of Travel Training student

Kerry, our Travel Trainer, was very helpful and encouraging for my son. He felt more confident after the training.

Dianne, Mother of Travel Training student