Our Values

Our values

DABD prides itself on the way we work, and our attitude towards the people we help.

How We Act

Open Minded

We are questioning, curious, and open to new ways of working and new opportunities and believe in transparency in our dealings with people.


Every voice is heard as a valued contributor.


We treat everyone as an equal within and outside the organisation.

How We Work


We go above and beyond day in, day out in everything that we do. We are truly dedicated to making a difference in people's lives.


We are united in our belief 'one voice, one vision' and support each other personally and professionally.


We are even handed and treat each other honestly and without favour at all times.

Who we are


We take our jobs seriously but we have a sense of humour and enjoy having fun.


We think outside the box and seek innovative ways to achieve our goals.


We look for practical and inventive ways to work with limited means and get the most out of what we have.


We are compassionate and supportive of each other as well as with our clients.

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