Our Values

Our values

DABD prides itself in the way we work, our attitude towards the people we help, and being the quality care hub of Dagenham.

Across the East End, DABD helps people with different aspects of care, and the dexterity which our staff show is commendable. We work with all ages and abilities in order to provide a service that we can go to bed feeling proud about.

In an industry where there is inequality of care provision, we take our hats off and say that every service user who uses our services is happy and that makes us all day long.

How We Act

Open Minded

We are questioning, curious, and open to new ways of working and new opportunities, and we believe in transparency in the way we work with people. DABD is a hub for open-mindedness and open hearts: we love to work with different people to reach a common goal. We truly value everyone’s thoughts and inputs.


Every voice is heard as a valued contributor. We listen to all ideas and appreciate feedback as a way to grow. We believe that looking after every person at DABD, and by treating them kindly, we will achieve more together, and happy staff equals happy service users. Respect is a core value interwoven into everything that we do.


We treat everyone as an equal within and outside the organisation. We acknowledge that the diverse make-up of DABD, and that of external partners, is part of what makes us great.

How We Work


We go above and beyond day in, day out in everything that we do. We are truly dedicated to making a difference in people's lives. Our ethos of care giving for every service user is at the forefront of what we do, and why we do it.


We are united in our belief 'one voice, one vision' and support each other personally and professionally. Many ideas have come from the openness to listen to colleagues and we give praise accordingly.


We are even-handed and treat each other honestly and without favour at all times. We are proud to be a moralistic and principle-centre organisation.

Who we are


We take our jobs seriously, but we have a sense of humour too. We organise award evenings to showcase our ‘frontline’ talent and external partners’ contributions. We have clubs and activities for our service users almost daily, and equally, this boosts staff morale which feeds back to the feel-good nature of DABD.


We think outside the box and seek innovative ways to achieve our goals. Our growth stems from emotionally intelligent problem-solving and openness to work with individual colleagues and external partners in order to seek news ways to do things.


We look for practical and inventive ways to work with limited means and get the most out of what we have. This has proven a key strength at DABD whereby staff and stakeholders come together and create wonderful and inspiring work, despite adversity that might occur in a sometimes-difficult sector.


We are compassionate and supportive of each other as well as with our clients. In an industry such as care giving, we know that it must start in-house, and the way we look after one another inspires the good work we display across the community we serve.

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