Havering Emergency Assistance Scheme

Havering Emergency Assistance Scheme Application Form

* Proof of identification and circumstance will be required, and further checks may be carried out in partnership with DABD (uk) and Havering Council to verify all information supplied in this application. Please also note that by completing this application form you are declaring all information about yourself and your circumstance to be true and accurate. Any false declarations will be treated as fraud and may be investigated under the Council’s commitment to fair processing under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the National Fraud Initiative.

Note: Some users may experience errors, or failures to submit this form when using older versions of Internet Explorer, please make sure you are using an up to date or alternative browser when completing this form.

Due to the unprecedented high volume of applications currently being received as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, our current response time stands at 48 hours. So this means in a normal week, you will be contacted within two working days with an update on your application.

When applications coincide with a Bank or Public holiday, the response time will be extended by an additional 24/48 hours.

Are you in receipt of any of the following benefits?:
* Please note that proof of benefit receipt will be required and checks may be carried out to verify any information included in this application form.
Have you been in receipt of a previous short-term interest free loan as part of the Emergency Assistance Scheme?:
Do you require Social Fund support for help with / to pay for any of the following items?:
What do you require support for?:
Would you be willing to engage with support from advice agencies (or similar) if necessary to address any financial capability issues or on-going difficulties and sign a relevant consent form?: