Havering Emergency Assistance Scheme

Havering Emergency Assistance Scheme Application Form

The Scheme has changed from 1 August 2021

The Havering Emergency Assistance scheme is now available to support LBH residents throughout the winter period. From now until 31st March 2022 you can make a claim for £100 cash payments in any one month period. (subject to the terms of the policy) please apply using the form.

As the impact of the pandemic hit, Havering Council invested £2 million of funding to directly support residents in crisis. Our Havering Emergency Assistance scheme has put food on the table, heated homes over winter and replaced broken washers, fridges and cookers. When crisis came, Havering with support from DABD, acted quickly and decisively to provide financial resources to our residents. During the pandemic, no resident was faced with a choice between heating or eating.

The Emergency Assistance Scheme was originally designed to provide ad-hoc payments to residents (working age or pensioners) on low incomes such as welfare benefits, in emergency need. Now that Covid restrictions are reducing and the economy is opening up, it is time for the Scheme to revert back to the way it was before the pandemic. Havering’s Scheme will continue to help eligible residents in emergency need with a £100 cash payment in one month. From 1 August 2021, Havering’s Scheme will continue to help eligible residents (working age or pensioners) in emergency need with a £100 cash payment in any one month period.

More details about the Havering Emergency Assistance Scheme Policy can be found here.

The items mentioned below are not covered by the Havering Emergency Assistance Scheme. This is because there is funding available through other schemes or the item is not considered essential. For further information, please visit Havering Council: https://www.havering.gov.uk/ CAB: https://www.citizensadvice.org... Money Advice: https://www.havering.gov.uk/in...

Items not covered: School uniform, travel to and from school, school meals, court costs/legal proceedings, respite or domiciliary care, repair to Council property, medical costs, mobility needs, to pay debts, for investments, for a television or radio equipment, holiday costs, any costs associated with parking or the running of a motor vehicle.

Proof of identification and circumstance will be required, and further checks may be carried out in partnership with DABD (uk) and Havering Council to verify all information supplied in this application. Please also note that by completing this application form you are declaring all information about yourself and your circumstance to be true and accurate. Any false declaration will be treated as fraud and may be referred for investigation under the Fraud Act 2006.

Note: Some users may experience errors, or failures to submit this form when using older versions of Internet Explorer, please make sure you are using an up to date or alternative browser when completing this form.

Due to the unprecedented high volume of applications currently being received as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic our current response time stands at 4 days. This means that you will be contacted within four working days with an update on your application.

Help: Please use the following format: 14/10/1980
Are you a single household?:
Are you on a low income?:
Help: Low income can mean:- under £18,200 per annum/£350.00 per week for single person or under £26,000.00 per annum/£500 per week for a family
Are you in receipt of any of the following benefits?:
* Please note that proof of benefit receipt will be required and checks may be carried out to verify any information included in this application form.
Help: Please use the following format: 22/10/2020

Please provide bank details as follows:-

Please enter your details carefully and check them before moving on to the next page. This must be an account in your name as this will be the account into which any payment you are entitled to will be paid.
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