DABD staff handling a wheelchair

If you live in Havering or Barking & Dagenham (with your GP registered in one of these Boroughs) and experience mobility issues, we can loan you a wheelchair for occasional or short-term use.

An occasional loan means up to three days a week. You can request this yourself.

A request for a short-term loan needs to come via your GP, Consultant, District Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Fracture Clinic Staff. The loan is for three months and can be extended for a further three months for some further health concerns.

Wheelchairs are delivered (and collected) direct to your door. Alternatively you can collect from our Mobility Services department.

Call the Dial-A-Wheelchair team on 020 8252 5930 or email dialawheelchair@dabd.org.uk